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March 27, 2021
Awesome View Of Beautiful Mangla Dam

Awesome View Of Beautiful Photography Of Wonderful Mangla Dam

For perfect nature shots, Come to Mangla, Mirpur

Are you a photographer? Or do you love to capture serene views in your camera? Whatever is the case, come and capture the beauty of Mangla dam. Mangla dam offers;

For perfect nature shots, come to Mangla, Mirpur

  • The most beautiful sunset views
  • The most panoramic watery sights: The sights of light reflections from Mangla water are sure to die for!
  • The supreme sunrise marvels
  • Fast flows of water
  • Lush green landscape surroundings and much more.

This place is ideal for travelers who are crazy about high mountains, watery sights, and lush green scenic views. For awe-inspiring views and photography, Mangla dam, Mirpur is where to go for.

In Which Province Mangla Dam Is Located?

Mangla dam is situated in the Mirpur district of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan. This mighty dam is built on the river Jhelum.

More about Azad Jammu and Kashmir

Kashmir, a globally recognized heaven

Kashmir lies in the upper areas of Pakistan. Because of its magnificent beauty, it is also termed as the Switzerland of Pakistan. It is all due to the vibrant green valleys that compel you to never blink your eyes once you catch sight of it. It is a place of waterways, abundant lakes, and a wildlife adventure to experience. It is blessed with walnuts, Saffron, natural beauty, and whatnot. It is the home of many beautiful mountains on earth. Due to limited rainfall, this valley experiences no distinctive rainy season. Hence the residents here get to enjoy a little of the rainy season and more of summer, winter, autumn, and spring.

➥ The top attractions of Azad Kashmir include;

  1. Ratti Gali Lake
  2. Mangla Dam
  3. Pir Chinasi Mountain
  4. Dream Valley Resort
  5. Banjosa Lake
  6. Nergola Waterfall
  7. NeelumRiver
  8. Darbar E Aalia Khari Sharif
  9. Arang Kel
  10. Neelum valley

So whenever you go to Kashmir, Don’t forget to visit these places.

Which Is The Oldest Dam Of Pakistan?

Which Is The Oldest Dam Of Pakistan

Mangla Dam is the oldest dam of Pakistan. It was built in the year 1967 on River Jhelum, Kashmir.

Facts about Mangla dam
  1. Mangla dam is the 7th largest dam in the world
  2. It derived its name from the Mangla village
  3. It is the first dam of Pakistan
  4. Before Mangla dam, Pakistan’s entire irrigation system was fully dependent on unregulated flows of the Indus River and its major tributaries
  5. It is a versatile dam
  6. Stores water and generates electricity
  7. Offers majestic views
  8. The Mangla Dam is 3,140m long, and 147m high
  9. It covers a surface area of 251km².
  10. It was designed to withstand earthquakes
  11. The dam can currently irrigate up to 1.3m acres of land.


Are you a fan of ancient buildings and arts?

Ramkhot fort is an ancient fort beside Mangla Dam in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It was built in the year 1186. From Dina, it is at a distance of 13 km and from Mirpur, it is a 79 km drive away. But if you are or to be a resident of the Mangla Housing scheme, you can access this fort through boats in just 20-30 minutes. Its master planner was Toglu as recorded in ancient books.

✦ This hilltop offers mesmerizing views of the flowing river Jhelum, the mighty Mangla dam, and awe sights of sunset.


Mangla Properties In Mirpur District Of Azad Jammu And Kashmir 1

Mangla-a living innovation

For overseas Pakistani willing to invest in Mangla properties, Mirpur, Aeon, and Trisl is at your service. We are the proud official sales and marketing partner along with Markhor’s holdings of Mangla projects. So if you are looking for real estate in the UK to help you in buying properties in Mangla, Pakistan, you can come to us.

Mangla properties in a nutshell

Mangla housing scheme’s properties lies in various categories including;

  1. 1 and 2 bedroom apartments
  2. 3 bedroom penthouses
  3. Villas (Comfort, smart, sustainable, and elite villas)
  4. Mangla lands for sale
  5. Resorts
  6. Mangla commercial and residential plots for sale
  7. Mangla houses for rent and sale
  • ► Located in the ideal location
  • ► Allows easy traveling of its residents from Mangla to the other cities of Pakistan
  • ► Offers adventure activities including rowing, fishing, boating, hot air ballooning, water sports, and much more
  • ► Are in the army’s control
  • ► Make high standards hospitals, schools, grocery stores, security systems, etc. available for all.
  • ► Available at affordable rates
  • ► The residential and commercial plots come with long-term payment plans and in different sizes.

 So overseas Pakistanis are you ready to be a part of this emerging Pakistan? Pick your keys and come to us now!

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