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March 5, 2021
Commercial Plots For Sale In Mangla

Buy Commercial Plots For Sale In Mangla | 500+ Lands For Sale

Mangla Commercial Plots Sale 

Want to start your own business? We can help!

Are you interested in buying commercial plots in Pakistan from the UK? Want to make a safe and sound investment? Then invest in Pakistan through us.

Want to start your own business? We can help!

Mangla housing scheme is offering 500 plus lands for sale to entrepreneurs and veterans. So if you are looking for commercial plots in Pakistan, then this community is waiting for you! Grab your phones and dial our numbers now before we run out of all!

So why go for Mangla commercial plots?

Buying commercial plots especially for generating income can shower you with tons of profits even beyond your wildest expectations. It can only happen if you do it the right way. So whenever you plan to invest in commercial plots anywhere around the world, look for the following factors;


When it comes to business, location is what matters the most

As far as buying land for commercial use is concerned, a buyer should be prepared with the development plan or the next step before rolling the ball. Many buyers tend to ignore areas or locations which ends up in low success. Always remember this motto “Location, location, & location”.

TIP: Every time you invest in a commercial plot, go for areas that offer easy access to all your stakeholders. Your stakeholders include; customers, suppliers, employees, etc.

Mangla plots ideal location: The best thing about Mangla’s commercial plots is their ideal location. Mirpur is just 29 km, Islamabad is 100 km and Lahore is just 230 km away from Mangla. Other main cities of Pakistan including; Peshawar, Dina, Jhelum, Sialkot, Gujranwala, and Faisalabad are also few kilometers away from these plots.


To get the best possible results, set your budget before making any move and then search for a plot accordingly.

Mangla commercial plots cost: Budget has never been an issue with Aeon & Trisl!

Mangla housing scheme offers the great number of commercial plots to its customers. No matter what is your budget, from our website you’ll definitely find one within your range. Moreover, our long-term payment plans are here to facilitate you in every step of your success.

  • ✦ Booking 10%
  • ✦ Confirmation 10%
  • ✦ Balloting 15%
  • ✦ Monthly 20 installments of 1% each
  • ✦ Quarterly 6 installments of 5% each
  • ✦ Handover 15% installment
3. Topography

Not sure how nearby properties and landscapes can affect your business? Well, close-by streets, lands, and buildings can majorly bring in or divert the traffic to your business. For example, if a buyer intends to build malls, restaurants, etc. on a commercial plot and if the plot is way too far from city life, this will raise the security and accessibility concerns of the visitors. Also, areas that offer tourism attractions are beneficial for your business.

TIP: Go for plots that are not located in isolated or barren spaces.

Mangla plots topography: Mangla housing scheme is a newly launched society. It is surrounded by other communities as well. It offers tons of attractions for tourism in Pakistan. So buying a commercial plot in this versatile area is definitely a win-win call for your business. Key topographic features of Mangla plot includes;

  • ✦ Good soil quality
  • ✦ Land can bear underground construction
  • ✦ Free from mudflats and wetlands
4. Litigation issues

Buying a plot for commercial purposes is different from one for residential purposes. There are different legalities for commercial plot buyers. Make sure that the commercial plot you are going for is free from any sort of dispute and litigation issues.

Mangla plots are free from all sorts of issues. So don’t hesitate to contact us for commercial plots and lands in the Mangla project.

5. Commercial plot size

Always choose a plot according to your budget and business’s needs.

Mangla commercial plot’s sizes: Mangla plots are available in different sizes;

  • 1 Kanal
  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 20 Marla
  • 40 Marla



There has never been a better time to invest in Pakistan!

Are you considering building a home or a business from scratch? Then book yourself a land/plot in Mangla now! You will be proud of your decision! There are many pros of buying land/plot in Mangla VS a ready-made unit. Such as;

  • Lower construction cost: Construction cost in Pakistan is lower as compared to many other developed countries.
  • It offers more flexibility: When purchasing a ready-made unit, purchasers are often restricted to the architect’s vision of the unit. A ready-made unit allows only a few customizations but changing the layout of the home is impossible. On the contrary, a residential land gives you full freedom to design your dream home just the way you want. Whether you are a fan of a spacious garden or a wide kitchen or want to have a large children’s play area in your house, you can go for whatever you want!
  • Low initial investment: Even the most affordable residential homes are priced much higher than a plot/land. Purchasing a plot in early life and then constructing a home later when having more savings, has always proved beneficial for investors.
  • No gap between purchase and proprietorship: Investors need to wait to take the possession of a house that is under construction. The project completion may take a year or even longer and so does the final handover. But with Aeon and Trisl, there is no delay in the possession of a plot of land in Mangla. Only with us, you get to take the possession of your land or plot almost instantaneously.
  • Lesser property tax: The property tax is much lower for a land than it is for a ready-made house.
  • Can choose size according to need and budget: Our commercial/residential plots lies in 3 size categories including; 1 Kanal, 5 and 10 Marla plots.
  • No maintenance cost: You can own a land or plot in Mangla without having to worry about its regular upkeep!
To get more information regarding plot buying in the Mangla housing scheme, feel free to contact us! We would love to hear from you!



✦ Ye hai Roshan Pakistan!

Mangla Garrison Housing is indeed a very lucrative project. It’s Pakistan’s first waterfront society right at the Mangla dam. It’s a Project by MVR (PAK ARMY CORP 1 SUBSIDIARY). The project is located in the heart of Mangla, next door to Mangla Cant, just 100kms away from Islamabad while Lahore is about 200kms away. The upshot? Ease of access! The features that make Mangla unique from other established communities of Pakistan are;

  • The most secured project of the area
  • Pakistan’s first-ever project with the most modern water sports including hot air balloon!
  • Forts nearby
  • All residents avail a lifetime membership of Mangla Garrison riding clubMangla Garrison golf clubArmy water sports club.

So if you want to invest in this Naya Pakistan of Imran Khan, Get in touch with us now!

For Booking in Mangla Commercial Plots Contact us:

For Booking in Mangla Commercial Plots Contact us:

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