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March 28, 2021
The Village Is Located In The West Of The Foot Hills Of Mangla’s Fort

The Village Is Located In The West Of The Foot Hills Of Mangla’s Fort

Mangla Hamlet Village, A Natural Beauty of Pakistan

Mangla Hamlet village, a natural beauty of Pakistan

Mangla Hamlet is situated in the Mirpur district of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. This village borders with the Jhelum district. With the construction of the Mangla Dam, the village was razed to the ground. The word Mangla is now being used for a wider area including; Sultanpure Mangla colony and Mangla Hamlet. The village was named after the Mangla Devi, daughter of Khokhar Kshatriya Raja Porus. Before the construction of the Mangla Dam, almost all the residents of ancient Mangla moved to Mangla Hamlet. So this town represents Mangla in the true sense. It is just a 12 km drive away from the city of Mirpur.

Mangla’s near-by attractions

Historic Mangla fort: The fort derived its name from the Mangla village. This fort is located on a high hill overlooking the river Jhelum, dividing the Mirpur and Jhelum districts.


Mangla, a lifestyle that will last longer

Are you tired of your everyday busy life? Want to experience a new life style through real estate investment in Pakistan? Then come to Mangla, because it has everything to lighten up your world.

The best thing about Mangla properties is that you will never get tired of the lifestyle it has to offer. There are four reasons behind this;

  1. A great no. of leisure activities
  2. Unique activities: The leisure activities which MHS offers are uncommon in Pakistan. So this could be your first ever experience with adventurous activities such as;
  • Hot air ballooning
  • Water boating
  • Fishing
  • Golf clubs
  • Horse and pony ridings
  • Jet skiing
  • Resort amenities
  1. Easy access to the rest of Pakistan: Thanks to the Mangla home builders, the residents can easily travel to the other cities of Pakistan because of top-quality infrastructure.
  2. Gated community: Mangla Garrison scheme is a secured gated community. Who doesn’t want to give their families a lifestyle that is safe and sound? No one!

     So without thinking further, give yourself and your family a treat by investing in Mangla, Kashmir.



Quality living from the team that cares

Willing to invest in Mangla real estate? In search for Mangla real estate agents in UK? Then you can stop your search because you have found us! We are here to escort you through the whole Mangla property buying procedure.

You take a number of decisions when buying, selling, or renting a property. The most important among all those decisions that you take is; who is doing all this for you? So whether you are looking for land for sale, a house to buy, or rental properties in Mangla Garrison, just drop us a call for all your property needs.

We are well aware of Mangla properties’ market value, and thus can help you in buying/renting of properties there. Due to our extensive knowledge of the real estate market, we provide quality, exceptional and economical service to our clients. Our real estate agents are always ready to go above and beyond for the customer’s satisfaction. So contact us and experience sensational Mangla real estate services.

NOTE: Injunction with Markhor holdings, we are the sales and marketing partners of the Mangla project. So for British Pakistani, if you want to invest in this beautiful community of your home town, get in touch with Aeon & Trisl.

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