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April 2, 2021
Top 10 Things To Do In Mangla Garrison

Top 10 Things To Do In Mangla Garrison

Here are our top 10 picks for you to do in Mangla Garrison;

1-Take a trip to RAMKHOT FORT

Take a trip to RAMKHOT FORT

It is a 16th-century fort built by Kashmiri rulers of that time. It was built to defend the outposts on the Jhelum river crossing. It is covered with water from three sides and is only accessible through Kashmir by land. It is considered as a military strategist’s masterpiece of its time. Its main gate can only be accessed through a path that winds along a steep cliff, with water on one side and the high fort walls on the other. Moreover, it has a mighty water tank inside, probably was designed for siege warfare protection. Because of its height, the views from it are breathtaking. From its top, you can also see the old village Mangla Hamlet and Mangla dam. So if you want to indulge yourself in historical events visualize, take a tour to Ramkhot fort.

2-Take a tour to MANGLA FORT

Mangla fort was the second fort built to defend the routes leading to the Kashmiri kingdom’s capital. It was just a guard post to protect the river crossing. A major portion of the fort was demolished for the construction of the Mangla dam. It comprises of a restaurant and a refreshment corner as well. The museum has artifacts and Mangla dam models and cutouts, explaining the electricity generation process.


Garrison housing society is presenting hot air ballooning first time in Pakistan. While riding on a hot air balloon one can enjoy the most fascinating view from great heights. Floating above the clouds you can enjoy the sunrise, sunset, historical places, human-made wonders like glass buildings, forts, and so on.

4-Try BOATING in the flowing water of river Jhelum or in a Water sports club

If you want to enjoy a peaceful ride, hop on boat and just go with the flow.

5- HORSE RIDING & PONY RIDING is a must-try in Garrison housing

There is also a horse riding school facility in Mangla, Pakistan. Horse riding is not just a fun sport but is also a great exercise. It not only strengthens your body but also put your mind at peace. So are you ready? It’s time for some horse and pony riding!


If you are fond of fishing then there are many options in Mangla for it. The old water sports club area, few points around Mirpur, Chaksawari and Dudhial. Fishing spots keep changing with weather.

7-JET SKIING is now possible with Mangla Garrison in Pakistan too

Just go to the army water sports club and hop on a jet-ski for a fun filled ride.


Army sports water club in Mangla housing offers well-equipped and well-maintained pools to the membership holders. So if you have plans of going to Mangla, Pakistan, don’t forget to take your swimsuits with you.

9-Take a tour to the mighty MANGLA DAM

Mangla dam is a large water reservoir. If you want to witness some amazing watery and sunset sights, add Mangla dam in your go-to list.

10-PARASAILING is a must-do thing when in Mangla Garrison

So daring persons, are you ready to Parasail upon the mighty Mangla dams and tall forts? If yes then pack your bags and head towards Mangla Garrison housing.


When it comes to tourism spot in Pakistan, Mangla is the best

Are you planning on visiting Mangla for 5 days? Then travel, travel and only travel is what we will suggest you to do!

Although Mangla Garrison is worth more than 5 days, but to make this 5 day trip of yours the best one, we provide you with a list of activities that you can perform in Mangla Garrison;

#DAY1-Take a tour to all the forts present in town.

#DAY2-Go out for fishing

#DAY3-Go to the water sports club to enjoy water skiing and Parasailing

#DAY4-Go for hot air ballooning and horse riding

#DAY5-Visit Mangla dam and golf club

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